Lulz of the day…ish: Special Edition

25 10 2007

I got this really weird message on after bringing up an article on linux. I swear to god this is not photoshopped.

Lulz of the day…ish

22 08 2007

I want this sooo bad, and you know it would sell, too.

Wiki of the Week

15 08 2007

Thats right, There is a star wars Wiki. Warning, this thing will make you a total nerd in 5 seconds flat. You thought you knew everything about Star Wars. You were wrong.

Here is their insanely comprehensive article on light sabers

Light Saber from Wookiepedia

Lulz of the day…ish

14 08 2007

Hasselhoff+Coleman+Kit+Thumbs Up=best picture in da world