Wiki of the Week

19 09 2007

This weeks wiki is all about zines, thats right. ZineWiki is an entire Wiki devoted to the promotion and documentation if zines. It’s really cool to read up on all sorts of underground publications that are out there. Don’t know what a zine is? This article will sort you out.

Zine from ZineWiki

Wiki of the Week

28 08 2007

Well, I’ve already shown you the Star Wars Wiki, so now it’s time to share the love to the rest of deep space. Memory Alpha is a wiki dedicated to the Star Trek series and everything in between.

In relation to my Star Wars post, i’ll give you the equivalent with the most comprehensive article on phasers anywhere.

Phaser from Memory Alpha

Wiki of the Week

22 08 2007

The Wiki for this week is called AboutUs. Wanna know is a site is legit? AboutUs is a Wiki about websites. Just enter a site name in the search bar and it will tell you everything you’d need to know about it.


Wiki of the Week

15 08 2007

Thats right, There is a star wars Wiki. Warning, this thing will make you a total nerd in 5 seconds flat. You thought you knew everything about Star Wars. You were wrong.

Here is their insanely comprehensive article on light sabers

Light Saber from Wookiepedia

Wiki of the Week

8 08 2007

This weeks article is from good ol’ Wikipedia, and it’s all about Ubuntu. Don’t rub this off, though, because unless you’re a hardcore veteran Debian user, there’s a lot you can get out of this article. Check it out.

Ubuntu from Wikipedia

Wiki of the Week

4 08 2007

hey we’re back with a new segment “Wiki of the week” a great link to a wiki sit. this week its from WikiHow. And this is possibly the most in-depth guide to overclocking your computer i’ve come across, apart from tutorials.

How to Overclock A PC from WikiHow