Bring your desktop with you with YouOS

12 08 2007

YouOS is a very comprehensive web operating system complete with a writer, sticky notes, browser, messenger, and a whole slew of other really well done online apps. This all seems a bit useles at first, but the point is that instead of having all these different online apps on different websites, like google docs, online messengers, sticky notes etc. With YouOS you can access them all in one place and save them to one place.

” There is a glaring weakness to all traditional operating systems, however. They are, at the root, designed to run on one computer. Extensions like NFS and remote desktop alleviate this weakness to some extent, but they do nothing to enable collaboration on a larger scale between users on different computers. Imagine what you could do if every one in the world could work and play on the same “virtual computer.”

There are several other web OS’s, but this one I have found to be the best. It feels close to Ubuntu and, while it is still in alpha, it is the least buggy of them all. Also, it’s open-source. I really like it, and besides, it’s fun using a browser within a browser within a browser within a browser…… all coded entirely in javascript.


Time waster: Play UT/Quake 3 in your browser with Phosphor

9 08 2007

Well, it’s not really UT or Quake 3, its called Phosphor, and it is an attempt to get MMOFPS games like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament into the browser so anyone can play. There are minimum video requirements, but I’ve played it with a 1.4 Ghz Pentium 4 with integrated graphics and it ran ok. The bummer is that it uses shockwave, so linux users can’t join in the party, but apart from that, it is defenitely the most advanced game for the browser today. The graphics are really good, the AI is hard, the weapons are well done, it’s fantastic. All in all I’d say that if this thing ever comes out of beta it will really be able to compete with some good desktop games.

It’s a blast to play, get some friends and start fragging!


Futurewatch: Create a Strip Blog with Stripgenerator

8 08 2007

Website lets you create a blog with a homemade comic strip in each post.

“Stripgenerator is free of charge project created to embrace the internet blogging and strip creation culture, helping the people with no drawing abilities to express their opinions via strips.”

The site already has a decent following and It’s pretty fun and easy to make a comic strip of your life. The flash controls are really well done with drag-and-drop capabilities. Give it a year or so, some added functions (like themes) and I’d expect to see a DeviantART-esque following.

Intelways comprehensive web-based toolbar

28 07 2007 gives you a search bar that stays at the top of the page, that will easily let you search hundreds of websites using a huge number of search engines. You can even search places like StumbleUpon or Digg right alongside Google. The search services are organized into different categories that make it even easier to browse for something new or find something. The site explains:

“Intelways is a web search aggregator, a place for people to find almost anything on the internet in different formats, topics and media types, by retrieving results from multiple search engines and online information providers. From the biggest search engines to the most deep web databases, Intelways allows our users to easily find what they’re looking for.”

the site is insanely comprehensive, and I use it as my homepage, the only quip I have is that you don’t actually navigate away from the website, like a proxy, but if you want to bookmark the page or something, just open it in a new window. I suspect future versions to have a “open in new tab” option.


Get 5 extra gig free with Xdrive

17 07 2007

Xdrive is a free file hosting service with a focus on home use and desktop integration. It includes a feature similar to Gmail Drive which puts a folder on your computer that directly links to the site and uploads as soon as you put something there.

“Xdrive is your personal hard drive on the Internet. Whether you are managing files for yourself or your business, Xdrive enables you to store, access, share, and backup your files anytime, anywhere.”

It has a few problems, though. The site is flash heavy and you can get some interface glitches, but I’ve been using the site since beta and nothing has happened to my actual files. The biggest problem: it’s a service of AOL and you need an AOL screenname to use it. I pretty much just don’t trust AOL, but so far it hasn’t given me any problems……..yet.

Xdrive is free and for all platforms


Generate names with the NOEMATA Name Generator

16 07 2007

Need an alias? Band name? Business name? The NOEMATA Random Name Generator can help by doing just that: generating random names. It does a great job of it too, you can really get some cool stuff here. Things like “Emperator”, “maxide”, and “Anticles” pop up all the time. You can waste a lot of time just hitting the button and seeing what comes up.

NOEMATA Random Name Generator