Intelways comprehensive web-based toolbar

28 07 2007 gives you a search bar that stays at the top of the page, that will easily let you search hundreds of websites using a huge number of search engines. You can even search places like StumbleUpon or Digg right alongside Google. The search services are organized into different categories that make it even easier to browse for something new or find something. The site explains:

“Intelways is a web search aggregator, a place for people to find almost anything on the internet in different formats, topics and media types, by retrieving results from multiple search engines and online information providers. From the biggest search engines to the most deep web databases, Intelways allows our users to easily find what they’re looking for.”

the site is insanely comprehensive, and I use it as my homepage, the only quip I have is that you don’t actually navigate away from the website, like a proxy, but if you want to bookmark the page or something, just open it in a new window. I suspect future versions to have a “open in new tab” option.