Answers: Swap a laptop hard drive

21 09 2007

A great post at Yahoo Answers covered replacing an old laptop hard drive with a new one and making the old one into a portable drive. It is a pretty simple process and so are the steps, though I would recommend going for a free alternative instead of Norton Ghost, such as Ghost for Unix (which is for windows too). The instructions are a bit vague but you could get through it pretty well with a bit of extra reading.

How Do I change My Hard Drive? from Yahoo Answers

Wiki of the Week

19 09 2007

This weeks wiki is all about zines, thats right. ZineWiki is an entire Wiki devoted to the promotion and documentation if zines. It’s really cool to read up on all sorts of underground publications that are out there. Don’t know what a zine is? This article will sort you out.

Zine from ZineWiki

Politely Suggest with

15 09 2007

Website JustFuckingGoogleIt is a simple website that you can link to for when people ask stupid questions without first consulting Google. I’ll say it’s not necessarily polite, but it is a joke and will get your point across.