Lulz of the day…ish: Special Edition

25 10 2007

I got this really weird message on after bringing up an article on linux. I swear to god this is not photoshopped.

A good read: Windows is free

28 08 2007

We’re back with a new section here at Back Door Life: A good read, tidbits of readings and news that we think is, well, a good read. Here is an article written by comedian and geek Dave Gutteridge at the Tokyo Linux Users Group about the one thing people never talk about in OS debates: pirated software. I suggest giving the ZDnet article that is linked to a read as well. All in all it takes some time, but it is…a good read, and worth at least my time.

Windows is Free

Wiki of the Week

8 08 2007

This weeks article is from good ol’ Wikipedia, and it’s all about Ubuntu. Don’t rub this off, though, because unless you’re a hardcore veteran Debian user, there’s a lot you can get out of this article. Check it out.

Ubuntu from Wikipedia

Read linux partitions with LTOOLS

6 08 2007

Got a Linux partition that you want a file from on windows? LTOOLS is a command line app (that also comes with a GUI) for reading and writing to and from Linux partitions in windows.

“So, whenever you’re running DOS or Windows and you desperately need to read or write that most important file, which resides on your Linux disk, you should use it … Besides that, you can repair your Linux system from DOS, if your Linux system does not boot anymore …”

There are other newer apps that do this, but I have always found this one to be the most reliable and straightforward. There is a java GUI a .NET GUI and a GUI that can run from the browser.