Doors Closing

30 05 2009

Well, obviously this site’s been dead for a while now.  I’ve moved on to other things, but you can still catch me in the blogosphere.

I’m working on a couple of new things right now. In fact you’ll find many of the same things you loved (lulz, wikis, software, games) at my new blog, The Tartar Sauce. It covers some other things, and there’s more writers and longer posts, but a lot of the same flavor is still there.

I also have Brain Grains, where I post my inner thoughts and snippets.

This was my first blog, and it was really a good learning experience for me. Thanks to everyone who read, and I encourage you to head over to The Tartar Sauce and see what all the buzz is about. There’s a very slight chance that someday I may pick this up again, but anyway, a really big thanks for the support from all you great readers out there.  I hope to see you at The Tartar Sauce.

The Tartar Sauce

Brain Grains

Try out Firefox 3, Gran Paradiso

20 09 2007

Firefox 3 is shaping up to be a real mean browsing machine. The team has added a whole slew of amazing new features. While Firefox 2 was more of a big update, Firefox 3 (or codename Gran Paradiso) is shaping up to be a real makeover. It is really great to try out all the new features and play around, plus then you’ll be ready when the first stable release comes around in October. The easiest way to download it is through download site Softpedia. And don’t forget to report bugs!

Firefox 3 Alpha 7 from Softpedia

Wiki of the Week

28 08 2007

Well, I’ve already shown you the Star Wars Wiki, so now it’s time to share the love to the rest of deep space. Memory Alpha is a wiki dedicated to the Star Trek series and everything in between.

In relation to my Star Wars post, i’ll give you the equivalent with the most comprehensive article on phasers anywhere.

Phaser from Memory Alpha

Lulz of the day…ish

15 08 2007

Damn my hair is shiny.

Wiki of the Week

15 08 2007

Thats right, There is a star wars Wiki. Warning, this thing will make you a total nerd in 5 seconds flat. You thought you knew everything about Star Wars. You were wrong.

Here is their insanely comprehensive article on light sabers

Light Saber from Wookiepedia