Try out Firefox 3, Gran Paradiso

20 09 2007

Firefox 3 is shaping up to be a real mean browsing machine. The team has added a whole slew of amazing new features. While Firefox 2 was more of a big update, Firefox 3 (or codename Gran Paradiso) is shaping up to be a real makeover. It is really great to try out all the new features and play around, plus then you’ll be ready when the first stable release comes around in October. The easiest way to download it is through download site Softpedia. And don’t forget to report bugs!

Firefox 3 Alpha 7 from Softpedia

Submit, you know you want to

22 08 2007

Please answer the call and submit images for our header! Its a guaranteed street cred booster!

The call continues… Submit images

14 08 2007

please read this post and submit. You know you want to.

Bring your desktop with you with YouOS

12 08 2007

YouOS is a very comprehensive web operating system complete with a writer, sticky notes, browser, messenger, and a whole slew of other really well done online apps. This all seems a bit useles at first, but the point is that instead of having all these different online apps on different websites, like google docs, online messengers, sticky notes etc. With YouOS you can access them all in one place and save them to one place.

” There is a glaring weakness to all traditional operating systems, however. They are, at the root, designed to run on one computer. Extensions like NFS and remote desktop alleviate this weakness to some extent, but they do nothing to enable collaboration on a larger scale between users on different computers. Imagine what you could do if every one in the world could work and play on the same “virtual computer.”

There are several other web OS’s, but this one I have found to be the best. It feels close to Ubuntu and, while it is still in alpha, it is the least buggy of them all. Also, it’s open-source. I really like it, and besides, it’s fun using a browser within a browser within a browser within a browser…… all coded entirely in javascript.


Pretty please? submit images for our header!

8 08 2007

I know this site doesn’t get much traffic, but with an amazing header it might!

Please submit images as stated in this post.

I’ll keep posting this link untill we get some submissions!

Submit images for our header!

8 08 2007

Thats right! The header image is temporary and I want a new one! I am calling for submissions from anyone and everyone who thinks they can make a good header for the site. Keep in mind the name and what the site is about, and send your submissions to:

There is NO limit on the amount of images you can send.

The winner will have his or her name posted (or linked if you have a site) on the about section of Back Door Life!

Good luck, and please submit!

Color coordinate with agave

18 07 2007

Agave is a very simple and very powerful colorscheme generator for the gnome desktop. you have no Idea how much you will use this app until you try it. The website explains:

Have you ever been re-finishing a room in your home and found yourself asking “What color would go well with this”? Or been working on a new website and not been able to find colors that go well with eachother? Try Agave.

It’s also probably the perfect compliment to the GIMP.

Agave comes preinstalled in Ubuntu Studio, but other users can get it via the following command:

sudo apt-get install agave