Politely Suggest with JustFuckingGoogleIt.com

15 09 2007

Website JustFuckingGoogleIt is a simple website that you can link to for when people ask stupid questions without first consulting Google. I’ll say it’s not necessarily polite, but it is a joke and will get your point across.


Back Door Life Returns!

15 09 2007

Hey all, we’re back and planning to keep up the regular routine of posts! did you miss me?

Pause of posts

4 09 2007

Yes, here at Back Door Life we are taking a bit of a break. I have some personal things going on and I can’t say with any certainty that there will be any more posts for the next week or so. I will notify you all when this “break” is over.

Thanks all,


A good read: Windows is free

28 08 2007

We’re back with a new section here at Back Door Life: A good read, tidbits of readings and news that we think is, well, a good read. Here is an article written by comedian and geek Dave Gutteridge at the Tokyo Linux Users Group about the one thing people never talk about in OS debates: pirated software. I suggest giving the ZDnet article that is linked to a read as well. All in all it takes some time, but it is…a good read, and worth at least my time.

Windows is Free

Submit, you know you want to

22 08 2007

Please answer the call and submit images for our header! Its a guaranteed street cred booster!

The call continues… Submit images

14 08 2007

please read this post and submit. You know you want to.

30 Days!

10 08 2007

Hey! First milestone! Or, maybe it’s a quarter-milestone, but to any effect, Back Door Life turns 30 days old today! And already 600 visitors. Thanks to anybody out there who reads, and if you want to contribute, then comment, send tips, or submit images for our header!

A sincere thanks to our readers,