Answers: Swap a laptop hard drive

21 09 2007

A great post at Yahoo Answers covered replacing an old laptop hard drive with a new one and making the old one into a portable drive. It is a pretty simple process and so are the steps, though I would recommend going for a free alternative instead of Norton Ghost, such as Ghost for Unix (which is for windows too). The instructions are a bit vague but you could get through it pretty well with a bit of extra reading.

How Do I change My Hard Drive? from Yahoo Answers

Get 5 extra gig free with Xdrive

17 07 2007

Xdrive is a free file hosting service with a focus on home use and desktop integration. It includes a feature similar to Gmail Drive which puts a folder on your computer that directly links to the site and uploads as soon as you put something there.

“Xdrive is your personal hard drive on the Internet. Whether you are managing files for yourself or your business, Xdrive enables you to store, access, share, and backup your files anytime, anywhere.”

It has a few problems, though. The site is flash heavy and you can get some interface glitches, but I’ve been using the site since beta and nothing has happened to my actual files. The biggest problem: it’s a service of AOL and you need an AOL screenname to use it. I pretty much just don’t trust AOL, but so far it hasn’t given me any problems……..yet.

Xdrive is free and for all platforms