The call continues… Submit images

14 08 2007

please read this post and submit. You know you want to.

30 Days!

10 08 2007

Hey! First milestone! Or, maybe it’s a quarter-milestone, but to any effect, Back Door Life turns 30 days old today! And already 600 visitors. Thanks to anybody out there who reads, and if you want to contribute, then comment, send tips, or submit images for our header!

A sincere thanks to our readers,


Pretty please? submit images for our header!

8 08 2007

I know this site doesn’t get much traffic, but with an amazing header it might!

Please submit images as stated in this post.

I’ll keep posting this link untill we get some submissions!

Submit images for our header!

8 08 2007

Thats right! The header image is temporary and I want a new one! I am calling for submissions from anyone and everyone who thinks they can make a good header for the site. Keep in mind the name and what the site is about, and send your submissions to:

There is NO limit on the amount of images you can send.

The winner will have his or her name posted (or linked if you have a site) on the about section of Back Door Life!

Good luck, and please submit!

Wiki of the Week

4 08 2007

hey we’re back with a new segment “Wiki of the week” a great link to a wiki sit. this week its from WikiHow. And this is possibly the most in-depth guide to overclocking your computer i’ve come across, apart from tutorials.

How to Overclock A PC from WikiHow

Game day is coming

21 07 2007

ok, the 27th of every month will officially be game day here at Back Door Life. Why the 27th? because Atari was formed on June 27th, 1972. Didn’t know that? Read up on your history. someone needs to remind me of this.

And We’re Back!

21 07 2007

Yes, after a few days of being busy, I’ve returned to the regular updating. I really want to keep this as a daily thing, but i guess this is all part of seeing how it goes.