Good to Know: How to pick a lock

20 09 2007

I’ve always found the ability to pick a lock has always come in handy, there’s always that time you come across when you get locked outside for some reason, and being able to get in is a great thing. WikiHow has a great tutorial on picking a lock that should give you some general pointers and tips on how to get a lock open. Simple lock picking sets are fairly cheap and doing this yourself could save you a lot of money instead of paying a locksmith to come when you lose the key to your backyard shed. Additionally, there is a whole community of lockpickers at site Lock Picking 101.
How to Pick A Lock from WikiHow

Lock Picking 101

Lulz of the day…ish

20 09 2007

you know he’s hardcore

Lotus Symphony: IBM’s office suite is back (in beta)

20 09 2007

IBM Just released a beta of its free office suite Lotus Symphony. The once forgotten, now resurrected suite seems to be coming along quite nicely, and has a few interesting and nice features.

“IBM® Lotus® Symphony™ has something for everyone, like a community-oriented site with tips, a template gallery and support to help you succeed. Businesses can gain more control over spiraling upgrade costs, while still protecting, accessing and maintaining documents well into the future. And for developers, Lotus Symphony tools support Microsoft® Windows® and Office applications, which means you can get even more from your current investments.”

I haven’t played around with it enough to make a judgment call on how well it stacks up against OpenOffice, or MS Office, but it is very aesthetically pleasing, and default ODF (Open Document Format) support is a plus. Unfortunately for now, it is Windows and Linux only, Mac users will probably have to wait until the official release.

IBM Lotus Symphony information page

Lotus Symphony download

Try out Firefox 3, Gran Paradiso

20 09 2007

Firefox 3 is shaping up to be a real mean browsing machine. The team has added a whole slew of amazing new features. While Firefox 2 was more of a big update, Firefox 3 (or codename Gran Paradiso) is shaping up to be a real makeover. It is really great to try out all the new features and play around, plus then you’ll be ready when the first stable release comes around in October. The easiest way to download it is through download site Softpedia. And don’t forget to report bugs!

Firefox 3 Alpha 7 from Softpedia