The fastest BitTorrent client: BitTyrant

15 09 2007

BitTyrant is a modification for Azureus that, unlike other clients, selects only the peers to connect with that will return the greatest download/upload rate, this has made downloads up to 70% faster than with a regular client.

There is, however, a lot of controversy with this client. Many people believe that it will hurt overall download speed and bittorrent as a whole by only connecting to selected peers, which would leave others in the dust. Though I’d say there’s no harm done as long as you do a bit more seeding than usual. That said, it’s probably best you only use it for painfully slow torrents. Read through the links, FAQ, and papers they provide to decide whether it’s right for you.


Politely Suggest with

15 09 2007

Website JustFuckingGoogleIt is a simple website that you can link to for when people ask stupid questions without first consulting Google. I’ll say it’s not necessarily polite, but it is a joke and will get your point across.

Wiki of the Week

15 09 2007

This weeks wiki is more of a history lesson. It’s called WikiWikiWeb, it is the oldest and first wiki ever on the internet. It was first online march 25th, 1995. Most of the articles are kind of boring and the wiki is about software engineering, but it is cool to see just where wiki’s were started. I give you a link to WikiWikiWeb and the Wikipedia article about it.


WikiWikiWeb from Wikipedia

Lulz of the day…ish

15 09 2007

“You’re becoming more like your father.”

Get Automatix without the ticks with EasyUbuntu!

15 09 2007

Much like Automatix, Easy Ubuntu is a script (with a GUI) that will automatically download and install proprietary drivers, codecs, video players, flash, java, MS Fonts, and even skype. Unlike controversial Automatix, Easy Ubuntu uses apt, backs up any system changes made,  and won’t edit your sources.list file unless you allow it to do so.

“EasyUbuntu is an easy to use (duh!) script that gives the Ubuntu user the most commonly requested apps, codecs, and tweaks that are not found in the base distribution – all with a few clicks of your mouse.”

Though it is still in alpha, and I’d still recommend using envy for video drivers. It’s a good thing to keep in mind for the upcoming release of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon in October.

Back Door Life Returns!

15 09 2007

Hey all, we’re back and planning to keep up the regular routine of posts! did you miss me?