Time Waster: Kill Zombies with The Last Stand

28 08 2007

Can you last 20 nights in this epic zombie shoot-em-up? At night. take on wave after wave of brain-sucking undeads with whatever weapon you have. Then manage your time during the day to repair your fort, look for survivors, and search for new weapons. This game is pretty hard, and will definitely take more than one play to beat. It is very extensive, and the time management really goes to complete the Zombie-killing experience, as well as the journal entries you will find by clicking on the desk when prompted to choose a weapon. Very well rounded.

A small quip I have about it is that if your hardware isn’t up to it, the game is really easy since flash plays slower. This is more flash’s fault versus the game’s, but it’s still a little annoying. All in all though, a great game.

The Last Stand from Armor Games

alternatively from  FreeWebArcade.com



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