Submit, you know you want to

22 08 2007

Please answer the call and submit images for our header! Its a guaranteed street cred booster!

Posts have been slow

22 08 2007

Sorry about the slow posting all. Been busy with life, but also we are working on a feature article on the iPod that should appear soon. It is super long and detailed, so it sucks up time I could be posting a ton of smaller posts.

Lulz of the day…ish

22 08 2007

I want this sooo bad, and you know it would sell, too.

Wiki of the Week

22 08 2007

The Wiki for this week is called AboutUs. Wanna know is a site is legit? AboutUs is a Wiki about websites. Just enter a site name in the search bar and it will tell you everything you’d need to know about it.


Good to know: Stop a car with no brakes

22 08 2007

Ever been driving along the highway, go to slow down for a corner, then realize: no brakes? No? well, if it ever does happen, you’ll be glad you read these two articles, one from Popular Mechanics, and another from WikiHow, on how to stop a car with no brakes.

Stop A Car With No Brakes From WikiHow

Stop A Car With No Brakes From Popular Mechanics