30 Days!

10 08 2007

Hey! First milestone! Or, maybe it’s a quarter-milestone, but to any effect, Back Door Life turns 30 days old today! And already 600 visitors. Thanks to anybody out there who reads, and if you want to contribute, then comment, send tips, or submit images for our header!

A sincere thanks to our readers,


Lulz of the day…ish

10 08 2007

this is probably on icanhazcheezeburger, but whatever.

Group your searches with the Clusty search engine

10 08 2007

The amazing search engine Clusty groups your search results so you can refine your search topic and find exactly what you need. It queries top search engines, ranks them with style, searches wikipedia, blogs, images, news, .gov, jobs, labs, and a few other things that really make it sensational.

“What really makes Clusty unique is what happens after you search. Instead of delivering millions of search results in one long list, our search engine groups similar results together into clusters. Clusters help you see your search results by topic so you can zero in on exactly what you’re looking for or discover unexpected relationships between items. When was the last time you went to the third or fourth page of the search results? Rather than scrolling through page after page, the clusters help you find results you may have missed or that were buried deep in the ranked list. “

After trying it out as default for a few days, I Can’t say enough about how truly awesome this search engine is, (not to mention their no-nonsense privacy policy) and for me at least, it’s a Google-beater.

But enough of my blabbing! try it out!